Yo every single other artist out there LISTEN THE FUCK UP cause this RIGHT HERE is how you roll with the changing seasons, grow and mature yourself as an artist and evolve your sound to ensure you are still cranking out bangaz after TEN FUCKING YEARS of being in a band without a) becoming too derivative of your own sound (haiiii Nickleback) or b) jumping on the trend bandwagon and trying to pass it off as ur own work (*cough* Lady Gaga *cough* Fall out Boy *cough* everyone else).

You know, I was a mad Paramore fan back in the Misery Business days and then they lost me somewhere around the time they did the Twilight soundtrack (just taking a moment to appreciate what a cultural moment that whole movie franchise was) when I was like “Yeah yeah Hayley I get it, you’re sad about something, you’ve got a great voice, this is totally a Paramore song…” whenever I heard Decode, or Ignorance, or whatever. And it was kinda the same with their next album. A couple of catchy tunes but nothing that could even come close to equalling the interest factor that was their interband disputes, documented faithfully on all the music blogs for me to read greedily in my spare time. As far as I was concerned, Paramore was done. I would still jam to Misery Business in my own time but I wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit to listen to the new song of theirs I found sitting in my inbox…

Well I am the first to admit I was so fucking wrong: music was dead but I think Paramore just performed some fuckin mouth to mouth on that bitch because this is a straight up bangaaaa. 

I don’t know what it is – the funky 80s riff? Hearing my gal’s voice ringing through loud and clear? A song that is actually original and unique and something different to the other crap out there? Something that is still Paramore, but a progression and maturation of their sound all the same?

I can’t really explain it, but all you other bands out there better study hard and find out real quick cause, whatever it is, you’re gonna need to get sum ASAP or imma leave you unread in my inbox with the rest of the “summery vibe” “with a catchy tropical house hook” “has remixes from Major Lazer” rejects maaaaate.


(just quietly, doesn’t Hayley Williams look like a little bad ass quirky Debbie Harry in this clip? Love her!)